01.The Kill 02.Prison Without Walls 03.Dead 04.Deceiver 05.Lucid Fairytale 06.In Extremis 07.Blind To The Truth 08.Negative Approach 09.Common Enemy 10.Obstinate Direction 11.Life? 12.You Suffer Pt.2 13.Multi National Co-Operations 14.Instinct Of Survival 15.Stigmatised 16.Parasites 17.Moral Crusade 18.Worlds Apart 19.MAD 20.Divine
Death 21.CS 22.Control 23.Walls 24.Raging In Hell 25.Conform Or Die 26.SOB 27.Unchallenged Hate 28.Mentally Murdered 29.From Enslavement To Obliteration 30.Suffer The Children 31.Retreat To Nowhere 32.Scum 33.Deceiver 34.Social Sterility
35.False Profit 36.Another Nail In The Coffin 37.Use Your Mind 38.Carry On Screaming 39.Human Error 40.Conned Through Life 41.Only In It For The Music Part 2 42.Take The Strain 43.Murder 44.No Threat45.Show Us You Care 46.Propaganda 47.System Enslavement 48.Only In It For The Music Part 3 49.Work For Never50.Subliminal Music (Mind Control) 51.People Not Profit 52.Punk Fact Or Faction 53.I Am A Bloody Fool54.In It For Life 55.Deceived 56.Shock Treatment.

57.Crepitating Bowel Erosion 58.Slash Dementia 59.Cadaveric Incubator Of Endo Parasites 60.Reek Of Putrefaction61.Empathological Necroticism 62.Foeticide 63.Fermenting Innards 64.Exhume To Consume
65.Forgotten Existence 66.Attack In The Aftermath 67.Psychological Warfare 68.In Battle There Is No Law 69.Drowned In Torment 70.Eternal War 71.Realm Of Chaos 72.Domination 73.Destructive Infinity 74.Warmaster75.After Life 76.Lost Souls Domain.

77.Tiny Tears 78.Wound (Not Wound) 79.Pulp 80.Like Rats
81.Incompatible 82.Burned Beyond Recognition 83.Oblivion Descends 84.Divisions 85.Voice Your Opinion 86.Strong Enough To Change 87.Odie's Revenge 88.It's My Life
89.Flowers (In Concrete) 90.Belief 91.Network Of Friends 92.Sick Of Stupidity 93.Too Slow To Judge 94.A Sense Of Freedom 95.Consume 96.Face Up To It 97.Into The Grey 98.When Unity Becomes Solidarity 99.The Street Enters The House 100.Cornered Rat 101.Open Up 102.Everyday Madness Everyday 103.Break The Connection104.Ghettoised 105.Network Ends 106.Release 107.Genocide
108.Hangin' On 109.Vagrants 110.Skate-Bored 111.Intense Degree 112.All The Guys 113.Daydreams 114.Take No Chances115.Future Shock 116.Politician 117.Allegiance 118.Bursting.

Between 1987-1990 BBC radio 1 DJ John Peel invited a succession of almost unknown extreme metal/hardcore bands to record sessions for his show.It seemed highly improbable at the time that the recordings would help define and shape a musical movement soon to be know as "Grindcore".
Earache has finally obtained the rights from the BBC to release these legendary radio sessions in their entirety for the first time.Up to now only a handfull of these have been officially released on "Peel Sessions" EP's back in the mid 90's and of course a few bootlegs.So to get them all together in one place is nothing short of brilliant.

Of course Napalm death were know on the underground scene almost from their inception in 1981, those of us who knew our Venom and crass were aware of them, but to playing their tapes at home to suddenly hearing them on radio 1 was quite shocking!
The british metal scene was very overrun by hair metal and just plain rubbish, this was the first real warning shot fired that change was coming and it was not going to be nice.
Extreme Noise Terror with their twin vocal attack were reccomended to Peel by some ipswich based band whose name i forget, and on their second session Mick from napalm played the drums for them.
Needless to say the music is fast, short, aggresive and totally essential.

Disc two features Carcass the band formed by future Napalm member Bill Steer again Peel was a fan and invited them in 1989 to record a session of songs from their fourthcoming Symphonies Of Sickness album.
Bolt Thrower were asked to record a session after Peel recieved their second demo, although a little less extreme than the other bands so far they are nevertheless a major figure in the formulation of the movement.

Disc three returns to the Napalm connection with Godflesh, the band formed by their former guitarist Justin Broadrick.
As the movement gained ground and its influence took shape Godflesh took it to a different level with drum machines and creating the template for industrial metal.
Unseen terror were a short lived project from Shane Embury from (yep you guessed it Napalm Death) they recorded this session in march 1988 with Mick Harris on drums.
Heresy were more hardcore punk but were associated with grindcore due to singing to Earache records and the fact that Mitch Dickenson would later join them after leaving Unseen Terror.
The final band are Intense Degree another band considered more hardcore at the time recorded their first session in february 1988.

Rating 10/10

For fans Of : Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Godflesh, Unseen Terror, Heresy, Intense Degree



MikeyFGH said…
I LOVE GODFLESH!!!! Can't wait to get my hands on this CD!!!

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