01.This Night
02.Last Wish
03.Blessed By The Sun
04.She Cries Lullabies

XS (Vocals)
Lucien (Bass)
Belle (Drums)

Formed in 2007 with a blend of industrial and darkwave influences.Two years later the band have undergone a number of changes and now with a new line up are about to re launch themselves with a more gothic sound.

'This Night' is a really catchy song full of melody, it has a HIM feel to it.

You know the weird thing about the way 'Last Wish' starts is that it reminds me of a
Madonna song, well madge if she were gothed up, but it has all the qualities of a good
electronic dance song, some amazing synth sounds in there sound really good on the
headphones when cranked up to 10!!!!

After listening to 'Blessed By The Sun' i think i know what the Deathstars would sound
like with female vocals, and it is good.

The final song 'She Cries Lullabies' is my personal favourite, superb production lifts
this into a quite stunning industrial/pop/goth hybrid, this should be the lead track
its going to slay the dancefloor but also one for the metal clubs as well.

Overall a very impressive EP, its good to hear this style of music so well put together
and not just throw together with samplers but real instruments as well.A strong vocal performance from XS helps lift this beyond the average and im sure the
band can go far in 2010 with this.
Were i to pick any fault it would be that i just get into the songs and they seem to finish, because of the nature of the music it requires 5 minutes minimum coz you just gotta dance and at under 4 minutes per song you barely break a sweat!!!!

Rating 9/10

For Fans Of : Queen Adreena, Die So Fluid, Him, Deathstars, 69 Eyes



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