Tuesday, 24 November 2009


02.How Far I Fall
04.You're Gonna Hate Tomorrow

Spider Mcrawl(Vocals)
Frank Roar (Bass)
Damo (Guitar)
AC (Drums)

If you are looking for good unpretentious rock and roll then allow me to introduce to you the London quartet Five Second Rule.
They have recorded a live rehersal ep just for their headlining show at the gaff and serves as a taster for the studio recordings due out soon.

Comprising of four outstanding tracks it starts with the wonderfully titled 'Clusterfuck',this is a quite dark and moody song that has some great lyrics and a neat guitar solo.

'How Far I Fall' is a classic rocker with its anthemic sing-a-long chorus, great backing vocals and vocal delivery to make Scott Weiland weep.

A real neat bass intro leads into 'Shadows' my fave track of the ep, it just one of those songs you have to move to and you soon find yourself singing along too.

"okay you lucky bastards" is how spider introduces the last song before hitting into a early Guns 'N' Roses style rocker and another great solo is sneaked in as well.

Rating : 9/10

For fans of : Alice In Chains, Velvet Revolver, King Lizard, New York Dolls, Roxville


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