02.High Roller
03.Tomahawk Storm Troopers
04.Whiskey Overdose
06.The Rolling Head
07.Holy Sin
08.Dusty Road

Dimitris Blanos (Vocals/Guitar)
Sammy Forway (Drums)
Tijay Tarintino (Bass)

Nothing short of awesome stoner/doom from the london trio, formed in 2005 and featuring Tijay better known as bassist for Blood Island raiders.This is their debut album and comes in a brilliant fold out sleeve.

On the 'about' section on their myspace it says "On the 8th day of creation, the cosmic silence was getting boring and therefore our one and only architect decided to sniff the planets for a quick fix messing up reality. To his surprise and during his natural high he sneezed and pollution appeared into the unusually golden and calmly obeyed structures, therefore creating the Dusteroid. There was no turning back after that. God decided to quit!".

First 2 songs tick all the right boxes, pounding drums and bass, great vocals and some fantastic guitarwork.
For me 'Tomahawk Storm Troopers' is the first stand out track, the guitar playing is just breathtaking and it has this power like hawkwind jamming with black sabbath in 1971!!!!!!!!
Then it just keeps going with this vibe as the track rolls straight into 'Whiskey Overdose', which also has this great bluesy section reminiscent of Ten Years After.

'The Rolling Head' is a kick ass doom/metal hybrid with some great breakdowns in it, whilst 'Holy Sin' has this bluesy feel again and a really weird bit in the middle!

The last track 'Dusty Road' is a masterpiece, a slow doomy intro moves into this drum driven fast paced rocker.
But keep the disc running through 5 minutes of silence and then there is a secret song, which is an acoustic instrumentle very bluesy and really neat.

Rating 10/10

For fans of : Cathedral, Blood Island Raiders, Electric Wizard, Clutch



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