01.Are You Happy Now
02.Dark Queen
03.Ghost Train

Charlie Turner (Vocals)
Owen Palmer (Guitar)
Aj Bond (Bass)
Ryo Aiba (Guitar)
Andy Doran (Drums)

Vocalist Charlie had previously been with london based rock group Roxville, so it was quite nice to catch up with his vocal talents again, but this band is surprisingly heavier and darker.
'Are you happy now'is not a happy song, its moody with dark lyrics and has some great guitar work, but Charlie's voice just booms throughout.

Now 'Dark Queen' is a classic in the making, good riffs, good lyrics and it just drives along like WASP did in the early days.There is a great solo in their as well, backed by some furious drumming.

The final track 'Ghost Train' has a cool country intro then hits their trademark sound and again those vocal talents shine through,"take a ride on the ghost train its only one way" goes the lyric and the way it goes is forwards at high speed!!!Really neat guitar outro as well.

I tell you Ghost Train have the potential to be really big in 2010, their take on that glam/punk/metal hybrid is very refreshing and very well delivered.

Rating 10/10

For fans of : WASP, Murderdolls, Quiet Riot, Al B Damned


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