Mick Readings (Vocals/Bass)
Ian Winters (Drums)
Davo Cooke (Guitar)

Ex New England & N.E.U.K are back with a new band! "KILL THE MACHINE" who are taking the London Rock scene by storm! After only a hand full of gigs, this review says it all! "Unforgiving Take-No-Prisoners Experimental Groove Rock with a touch of Stoner. Hailing from all over the England rock scene, Kill the Machine are the soundtrack to a bring-your-own-power-tools party. Constructing riffs of iron and maliciously attacking the senses with a sonic hammer. In other words, imagine being beaten by a tree trunk. You might want to purchase a hard-hat for this one.

'Control' kicks in from the opening bass riff and remains a constant onslaught of southern tinged groove metal throughout.Its a punchy instant headbanger!

Track 2 'Rise' has a more stoner feel, awesome vocals as well, sounds like he's singing through an old 1950's mic, the drums hold this moody mutha fucker together as well, my favourite track on the ep.

And all too soon we arrive at 'Intravonous', it has a pretty cool fade in and then some great acoustic guitar before crashing into the heaviest of the three songs.

A quite stunning little ep, leaves you wanting more, so hurry up with the album!!!

Rating : 9/10

For Fans of : Eyehategod, Crowbar, Grand Magus, Down



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