Catfight - Never Go Back EP (Cd Review)

02.Walking On Steel

Samara Kain (Vocal/Rhythm Guitar)
Martha Lewis (Lead Guitar)
Nix (Bass)
Magzilla (Drums)

It was at the end of 2008 when Catfight started to take shape, eventually making their debut supporting Nemhain (a band with which Samara had played rhythm guitar for)in February 2009.
Numerous line up changes and one stunning ep followed quickly gaining them a reputation as "THE" band to see live.

By spring of this year they had notched up support slots to just about every genre of band from Thrash to Punk.
They then returned to the studio with legendary producer Andy Brook for a second EP.

Keeping up their grunge/punk influence with 'Break' this opener shows that the band have moved forward in terms of writing and that vocalist Samara has both the confidence and ability to lead the band to bigger and better things.

With an opening guitar riff not unlike Bryan Adams 'Run To You', 'Walking On Steel' is a brilliant, moody and dark song.
Great guitar solo and superb vocal delivery punctuate a worthy follow up to last years 'Kill Me Again' and is definatley Catfight Classic Number Two.

Think i'll call this the "Lesbian Grunge Rocker", not sure why just something about the lyrics i guess!
It has a typical Courtney Love style but none of the arrogance, the song is short and sweet and kicks ass!


Rating 10/10

For Fans Of: Hole, Distillers, Throwing Muses,Nemhain


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