Generation Graveyard - Poison City EP (Cd Review)

01.Poison City
02.All Hail The Plague
03.Murder Rock N Roll

Max (Vocals)
Spider (Guitar)
Pete Turner (Guitar)
Phil Roadkill (Bass)
Jonny (Drums)

Based in the depths of hell that is Camden, London the creature from that pit known as Generation Graveyard were formed early in 2008 by Vocalist/Dj Max (Pornscar, Muthafucker - take your pick and Ex Nothin To Lose).
With fellow musicians/Dj's Jonny (Le Shithouse!) and Phil Roadkill (Also a well know nightclub manager), guitarist Pete (Maleficient) and Spider.The band adopt a simple philosophy to their fucked up punked rock n roll : "Fuck the scene. Fuck the rules. Fuck genres. Fuck your twitter, Fuck your clique.This is music for the underdogs, the scumbags and the misunderstood.See you at the bar".

Throughout 2009 they built themselves a reputation as a very explosive live act and continue to increase their fanbase on a daily basis.

After numerous attempts to record demos, they finally found a studio strong enough to hold them and recorded three tracks at the beginning of this year.

Drums and a skuzzy riff kick off 'Poison City', great distorted vocals, nice catchy chorus of "This city is poison, this city will be my grave".

Always a live favourite and now given new life and a heavier edge, 'All Hail The Plague', Max's gruff vocal delivery over a heavy bass line leads into some great guitar work, pounding drums and awesome sing-a-long chorus, love it when Max screams "Death to your fucking age" a pure Fuck You and one worthy of Casey Chaos!

The doomy feedback intro to 'Murder Rock N Roll' soon leads to the chaotic and incendary vocal/guitar attack, perfect gang backing vocals, all driven by a solid high energy drum rhythm.
After the slow headbanging riff half way through we get a short but superb solo before returning to the song that quite simply says Generation Fucking Graveyard!!!

An all too short EP from a band who love and energy for their music just blasts through the speakers.


Rating 10/10

For Fans Of: Kvelertak, Amen, Warrior Soul, New York Dolls, Germs, Dead Boys


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