Sci'enta Dystene - Chords Of Snow (Demo Review)

01.The First Chords of Snow After Distance

Richard Creek (Drums)
Glynne Cicada (Guitar/Vocals)

Sci'enta Dystene are a London based 2-piece Experimental, Progressive, Avant-Metal Groove Rock band formed from the personal frustrations & confines of Sheffield city back in 2002.
Their concept was to create innovative, challenging, non-conformist musical dialogues in which to communicate with those like-minded enough to listen and are clearly on a missionto push themselves further into their own world where no idea is rejected & every new direction becomes possible, striving to create Heavier, Weightier, Innovative Atmospheres with Groove, Subtlety & raw Energy.

Their long history together shows from the unique chemistry that they share on stage, though they are currently looking for a committed Bassist to complete their circle.
Now duo's that create intresting music are few and far between, maybe Johnson/Blenkarn, Kenney/Hunt, Dinger/Rother and Satyr/Frost are the only ones worth a mention here and in some respects fit much of the ethos of Creek and Cicada.

The two tracks i was given to review are rehersal room recordings, which means they are rough, unpolished and slightly know how music is supposed to be!
Itas not surprising that they are picking up a solid reputation on the music scene in London with music of this standard that both entertains and confronts.

From its quirky intro 'The First Chords Of Snow After Distance' soon shapes up into a very intresting 12 minutes of soundscapes, odd rhythms, driving chord structures blended with melody and at times some controlled madness.

'Cressida' is a more complex and darker affair, laden with samples, heavy guitar and strange timings, this one has the hallmarks of Axis Of Perdition covering Pink Floyds Interstella Overdrive, ts earie, heavy and weird!Longer at 13 minutes, yet doesnt seem that long when you play it.

Very intresting music indeed, i hope to hear more but also hope that if they get proper recording studio time that they dont overkill their vibe with too much production, the primitive live sound works well and sometimes less is more when laying down music (Think of Hellhammer, early Celtic Frost and Darkthrone).

Perhaps problems lie ahead for the band with where to place them in the music world, it is an unfortunate state of affairs where "genre placement" becomes a major issue for promoters and the press, here is a band who defiy the obvious tags and would in my opinion suit any bill from black metal to doom, prog to indie, i hope they can crack the market they deserve it and your ears need this!

Rating : 9/10

For Fans Of : Axis Of Perdition, Fantomas, (Early) Pink Floyd, Fifty Foot Hose, El Schlong.


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