Nemhain - Murder Mile EP (Review)

01.Natural Born Sinners
02.Seriously Ill
03.Love 4 Death
04.Bad Moon Rising

Amber Erlandsson (Vocals)
Adrian Erlandsson (Drums)
Lisa Dickinson (Bass)
Sam Astley (Guitar)
Lakis K (Guitar)

Some 20 months since the release of the debut album 'From The Ashes' comes this download only EP to co-inside with their Bloodstock appearence.

'Natural Born Sinners' opens the EP with typical style and swagger that you expect from a band of this high standard.
Catchy as flu and twice as deadly with an instantly sing-a-long-able chorus of "I Take You Down" all pulled into gear with some cool Motorhead vibe!

Without a doubt one of the best songs ever 'Seriously Ill' has taken their "Blues stained punk" to a new and darker level, this is a moody, dark and sleazy homage to booze.At times its almost doomy and reminds me of a Cathedral.
Everybody will soon be screaming "Hair Of The Dog", like i said one of the best songs from the band full stop.
Its also clear that from those early days they have continued to mature both musically and lyrically and that they are continuing to push themselves forward.

Fast paced punker 'Love 4 Death' is a nod back to the 'Blood Runs Free' era and serves as a reminder that after 5 years they can still be "In your face", love the ending line i wonder if that was planned??

Finally their version of CCR's 'Bad Moon Rising', once again making a cover very much their own (Their version of Die Die My Darling was to die for), turning the upbeat original into a dark downbeat blues nightmare, stunning vocals and superb arrangement.
Brilliant slide guitarwork, driving drum beat and punchy bass, all of which make this a version that Nick cave would kill for.

Serving as a taster for the new songs for the next album it leaves you hungry and
definatly wanting more, im still hoping for the promised acoustic EP and a full UK tour.

Rating: 10/10

For Fans Of: Danzig, Distillers, Catfight, Motorhead, Generation Graveyard





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