Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Bad Son - Bad Son EP (CD Review)

01.Wasters Of The World
02.Crawl Across To Me
03.Mother Mary

Dave Kutcha (Vocals)
Paul Scanlan (Guitar)
Frank Allain (Guitar)
Steve Worrall (Bass)
Tom Huskinson (Drums)

Formed in Summer 2012 as Critical Mass the London based band brings classic rock bang up-to-date with authentic riffs, strong vocals and a heavy bass lines.
Featuring past and present members of Akercocke, Chaosanct, Fen and Skaldic Curse the band now inhabits an infinitely more accessible rock territory while still managing to preserve a raw metal energy.
Drawing on a potent blend of influences including such masters of the genre as Led Zeppelin and Thin Lizzy to produce a classic rock sound that is uniquely their own.

Changing their name to Bad Son in November they have released a promo cd and continue to gig, with more planned for next year.

'Wasters Of The World' is a mid paced rocker full of great guitarwork and a superb vocal delivery from dave, really nice to hear him sing as opposed to scream.

The second track 'Crawl Across To Me' sounds like a track from Saxon's "Strong Arm Of The Law" album but with a much darker vocal.
A seriously kick ass guitar solo thrown in as well complete with high pitched harmony vocals.

Finally 'Mother Mary' starts with a Hendrix style guitar riff then moves into a near sleeze rock meets blues sound.

Overall a very impressive debut, classic rock in the modern style absolutley loaded with superb guitar and vcals backed by solid bass and drums.
Anyone who knows Dave from Chaosanct or Spitting Blood will simply be blown away by his "Singing" voice and while Paul has always been a class act guitarist the black and death metal genres he's better known for have never allowed him to play like this!


Rating 10/10

For Fans Of: Saxon, UFO, Voodoo Six, Amulet, Cauldron

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