Stereo Juggernaut - Disco Smack (CD Review)

 01.Defeated By The Sea
02.Sign In & Out
03.Like A Star
04.December Came
06.Rosie, I
07.In The Night
08.Fade Away

Ben Main (Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards)
Asha Carslaw-Maher (Bass)
Reuben O'Donoghue (Drums)

North London's self styled "Gabbagrunge" band have been playing the clubs and building up a solid reputation since 2009.

Their sound is an unusual blend of Alt-Post Rock, Dance Rhythms and Heavy Metal guitarwork, throw into that mix Piano Hooks and Rave Club synth patterns, oh and some nasty punk rock bass work and then you have an idea of just what a beast Stereo Juggernaut are!

They have notched up so many major support slots from Dave Evans (Ac/Dc), The Yo-Yo's, Ska legends The Selector and Generation Graveyard and played with indie bands to death metal bands!

So here is the latest release from the band called 'Disco Smack' and its free!

Kicking off with 'Defeated By The Sea' we are met by some epic synth work before the guitar kicks in, a distorted vocal effect is underpinned by what sounds like a xylophone whilst powerfull double kick drumming madness is pushing the pace.

From the heavy/dance mix of track one, 'Sign In & Out' has a much more mellow sound, bordering on a "Boy Band" vocal style complete with harmony vocal effects its something you would expect to hear on radio one and if released as a single would no doubt have thousands of girls rushing out to buy!

Euro dance beat comes blasting out of the speakers with 'Like A Star', another great vocal delivery backed by soild drumming and a pounding bass line to create a dark and moody song.

'December Came' starts with this great "ambience" then absolutley blasts into a heavy keyboard driven riff monster, reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails/Marilyn Manson in its approach.
At just under 3 minutes this song is way too short and definatley needs an extended remix.

Bordering on a heavy blues number, 'Fallen' is another great song with some awesome ear shattering vocal screams and a guitar solo to match.

Fuck me the opening to this one is creepy with some kid doing a nursery rhyme, but 'Rosie I' moves into a techno/rock vein, love the vocals on this one as well though Ben does manage to sound like Johnny Depp doing his english accent, this one is kinda like My Chemical Romance - only MUCH BETTER!

So 'Into The Night' has another spooky intro, this one then moves into pop/punk territory with some Rob Zombie like sampling throughout.
Towards the end the screaming vocals and drums borders on pure hardcore metal.

Finally 'Fade Away', basically a power ballad that builds as it goes with the bass and drums becoming more powerfull with each chord progression.This last song also sounds like it was recorded live in the studio in one take.

All in all an excellent release, with their blend of styles i cant help but wonder why Kerrang or the NME are not all over this band.


For Fans Of: Placebo, Prodigy, Chase & Status, Killaflaw, Enter Shikari, Pendulum



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