Thursday, 18 April 2013

Attica's Ashes - Flickers Of Dawn (Cd Review)

 01.Attica's Ashes
02.This Is The End
03.One Last Kiss
04.Silent Scream
05.We Strike Today

Esteban Benedicto (Drums)
Jonny Nonsense (Guitar)
Brett Zero (vocals)
Joao Curro (Bass)

Attica’s Ashes are a London based band who create a unique blend of rock, metal and punk with a horror twist.

The band’s story begins with guitarist Jonny Nonsense playing guitar at a live karaoke event in Brighton. So impressed was he with singer Brett Zero’s rendition of a classic Misfits song that he tracked him down afterwards, and suggested they start a new band.

Years later, their ambition was fully realised when they teamed up with bass player Joao Curro and drummer Esteban Benedicto in London. The quartet began writing songs in 2012, going on to record their first release ‘Flickers of Dawn’ while preparing an exhilarating live set.

Having seen Jonny and Joao on stage with an earlier band i was always impressed with their musical ability and stage presence, so time to hit play........

The title track is a faced paced rocker with a great chorus and a serious riff fest of a solo!
The vocal really stands out as well, which makes a change from a lot of bands these days.

'This is The End' has a superb catchy riff running throughout yet whilst its well put together, i have to say this is very reminicent of Black Veil Brides, and while that band has its fans, i doubt this is the route the band want to go down.
Fortunatley the promo video avoids trying to be Motley Crue!!

There is a sleeze feel to 'One Last Kiss' its slow and moody with nice backing vocals.

'Silent Scream' has that post Misfits Danzig feel, full of melody and an agressive tone to the vocal.Guitar and drums punches through to drive this one along.

'we Strike Today' is another fast paced rocker that has that post punk new wave vibe, this is apparent during the chorus blending the punk of Goldblade with the rock of Generation Graveyard.

The final song 'Divine' carrys on in the same way but musically rawer, it's clearly a song that live would invoke mosh pits and fists in the air.

Overall a good ep, think that the "Horror" tag maybe the wrong one to include, this is not a Misfits style rock, it is in many ways more refined, there are so many elements to each song that you could include AFI and Deep Switch as reference points.

This is the kind of music you need to see live!

Rating 9/10

For Fans Of : AFI, Generation Graveyard, A Perfect Circle



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