The Bunny The Bear - Stories (CD Review)

Formed in 2008, the american duo and friends have gained a reputation as dance-infused rock innovators, proving to be a constantly churning machine by releasing two full length albums and performing hundreds of fascinating and dramatic stage shows around the world.

Their music videos have helped propel them from the underground to a viral success story by generating nearly one million views on YouTube.

Still fresh off their head-turning 2012 album, The Stomach For It, THE BUNNY
THE BEAR prepare to push the envelope further with their electrifying mash-up of lively dance parts, unyielding aggressive rock, and immense choruses.

Okay well i had never heard of them and i wasnt expecting much, figured it would be a bit emo/indie with a few quirks!

How wrong was i????
This really is agressive dance music, as if Erasure were jamming with a shouty metalcore band.

The balance of styles is very good, great harmony vocals blended with screaming and eurobeats.

Seriously you gotta check this out.

Rating 8/10

For Fans Of: Stereo Juggernaut, Rammstein, Depeche Mode, Erasure