Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Snow Whites Poison Bite - Feat Dr Gruesome & The Gruesome Gory Horror Show (CD Review)

Formed in Finland in 2007 as a simple “screamo” band, by singer/songwriter Allan Cotterill a.k.a Jeremy Thirteenth SNOW WHITE’S POISON BITE has evolved into something much more than that. The band released two EP’s under a small Finnish label, Poko Records.
Breaking ground as one of Finland’s very first “screaming, hardcore” bands and quickly gathered a large following, winning fans over with their commitment to delivering intensity on every level.

After signing a recording contract with Sound of Finland’s Hyeena Trax in 2010, they released their long awaited debut album, The Story of Kristy Killings, which was sold worldwide. The album served as a reintroduction to their fans, revealing a far more conceptual appeal and attitude. with more of a horror-rock style . Reflected in not only their appearance but their riffs as well, rapidly becoming Finnish rock icons, with all eyes on them.

As most bands do they underwent a drastic lineup change in early May 2011. Leaving band-founder, vocalist Allan Cotterill, as the only original member. Determined to keep his fans happy and the band alive, Allan went to work, searching for new members to create a new and improved band.

Today, the bands high-energy line up consists of vocalist Allan “Jeremy Thirteenth” Cotterill, guitarist Tuomo “Tupi” Raisanen, bassist Hannu “Bobo” Saarimaa and drummer Niko "Hoker Dine" Hyttinen. The new, tailor-made team has recorded their second studio album creating their highly anticipated Victory Records debut full-length album, titled "Featuring: Dr.Gruesome And The Gruesome Gory Horror Show".
This album features a guest vocal from Misfits legend Michael Graves, and they may be the main attraction to this for many as the misfits are currently touring and there is the much anticipate Danzig/Misfits reunion.

Kicking off with a typical horror introduction keyboard/spoken word piece that drags on a bit too long befre going into some sixties inspired music.

What follows is an albums worth of a screamo band desperatly trying to be Horror Punk, without any understanding of the genre.
Basically its rubbish, even the mock 50's ballad 'Zombie Romance' with Graves guesting cant quite hit the mark - even when it kicks in.

Sorry guys but if you are "Finlands Rock Icons" as your record company wants us to believe then that must make 69 Eyes living gods!

Rating 5/10

For Fans Of : Dr Chud, AFI, Horror Story

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