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SCREAMING EAGLES, ANASTASIA WALKER Live At Cask Corner 17.08.13 (Gig Review)

SCREAMING EAGLES, ANASTASIA WALKER Cask Corner, Doncaster 17.08.13

Have to say something about Cask Corner because it was an amazing venue to walk into, it was like being back in the great rock clubs in Camden and the West End, Part 'The Dev' and part 'Crobar', so to find a place with that kind of vibe in Doncaster was a real surprise.
The walls are covered in old posters, strange objects, a dummy in diving gear, a rack of ties and old vinyl records everywhere.The celing has beer mats glued to it!
Add to that friendly staff and an array of beers from all over the world, they also have a local ale from the Doncaster Brewery called "Sand House" which after one taste became our drink of the night.
Upstairs we enter a different world, called the 'Bordello Cocktail Lounge' its decked out like a private room at the Moulin Rouge with comfy chairs, chandeliers and mirrors.

ANASTASIA WALKER Anastasia is the frontwoman to the indie rock group Bang Bang Romeo, when the band are not playing she grabs her guitar and does a solo set of covers. Kicking off with 'Crazy' she belts out a huge voice, this continues through a short set that included a very clever and slow melodic take on the grease hit 'You're The One That I Want'.

Paul Johnson (Heritage/Saxon) has put together a new line up of his band and tonight they play as if they have doing it for years!

Thumping through their first set we get some cracking versions of 'Doctor Doctor' a medley that started with 'Wig Wam Bam' and a break neck speed take on the Eagles 'Get Over It'.
What was noticable was the "Fun" element, not only were the band enjoying every second but the packed venue as well, some on stage antics between Paul and drummer Stuart and plenty of crowd interaction, stage invasions and sing a longs.

After a twenty minute break they came back, this second set was the one many had come to hear as it featured many Saxon hits like 'Dallas 1 PM', '747 Strangers In The Night', 'Where Are They Now', 'Suzi Hold On' and 'Rock N Roll Gypsy', all i have to say superb versions that erupted the whole place!
Also in the set were covers of 'Panama' with some amazing guitar work from lead player Bill, a solid version of 'Enter Sandman' with an expert performance from drummer Stuart and an extended jam between lead guitar and rhythm guitar playing from Callum Johnson (Paul's son), whose confidence seemed to grow as the evening progressed, at one point joined onstage by an air guitaring fan.

Throw in a brief Blues jam, a few bars of 'The Trooper' and the evening ended with 'Whisky In The Jar' and 'Highway To Hell'.

A brilliant evenings entertainment and a band definately worth seeing live.

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