Windhand - Soma (Cd Review)

03.Feral Bones

Asechiah Bogdan (Guitar)
Parker Chandler (Bass)
Dorthia Cottrell (Vocals)
Garrett Morris (Guitar)
Ryan Wolfe (Drums)

First 3 tracks are fuzzed out doom/psych workouts, sweeping guitar riffs blend with solid drum and bass patterns and a very haunting vocal style.

Then we hit 'Evergreen' a beautiful acoustic song reminiscent of late 60's acid rolk band The Trees.

Next track returns to the doom and then, wow a 31 minute monster!

'Boleskin' starts with a gentle acoustic intro over some wind fx, then those huge epic doom guitar riffs and slow drum kicks in.
Lots of echo on the vocal drive this one along like a lsd induced trance into some multi coloured hell, though i suspect the Boleskin is about 'Boleskin House' hence all the wind and rain effects as it is in scotland.

Rating 10/10
For fans of : Cathedral, Witchsorrow, Blood Ceremony, Devils Blood

2 UK Dates have just been announced :

Nov 05 Manchester UK Star & Garter
Nov 06 London UK Our Black Heart