Soil - Whole (CD Review)

01.Loaded Gun
02.The Hate Song
04.Way Gone
06.Shine On
07.Wake Up
09. My Time
10.Little Liar
11.One Love

Ryan McCombs (Vocals)
Tim King (Bass)
Adam Zadel (Guitar)

Formed in 1997 Chicago band SOiL quickly took the scene by storm along with other Nu-Metal meets New Metal bands like Drowning Pool, Mudvayne and American Head Charge.
The band achieved mainstream success with their major label debut "Scars" in 2001 and produced one classic song with 'Halo'.

The band went through brief line-up changes until reuniting with original vocalist Ryan McCombs in October 2011 for a tour commemorating the tenth anniversary of their landmark album "Scars". The band permanently rejoined with McCombs after his departure from Texas act Drowning Pool in late 2011. The line-up is currently completed with fellow original members Tim King (Bass) and Adam Zadel (Guitar). SOiL has sold over one million records worldwide with their album "Scars" hitting Silver in the United Kingdom following the anniversary tour.

This will mark the first album with original frontman Ryan McCombs since 2004's "". The new album sees SOiL returning to its classic sound that both fans and critics alike have come to admire. The band hails the new album as "an album that could have come directly after the "Scars" album". Some featured songs from "Whole" include "The Hate Song", "Loaded Gun", "Way Gone", and "Shine On" which is dedicated to the SOiL fans for standing by the band throughout the years. Another track, titled "Amalgamation" sees Ryan taking song titles from both the SOiL and Drowning Pool releases he was a part of and weaving them into verses of the song. Ryan McCombs's take on the lyrical process on "Whole": “I think lyrically speaking, those that are familiar with the work I've done are going to get the next chapter that they would expect. Words from a heart and mind that has lived them. One of the greatest things I experience as a lyricist is when people come up and share with me how a song, or a specific verse or line from a song, got them through a hard time or times in their lives. It reminds me of the times music did that for me an how powerful music and/or a lyric can be in a person's life.”

Drums and percussion on "Whole” were performed by Will Hunt who is best known for his work with Black Label Society, Evanescence, and Device. "Will added a whole new dimension to the songs" states bassist Tim King. "He added a monstrous and aggressive vibe to the album".
A guest solo on the song "Wake Up" was also performed by long time friend Mike Mushok of the band Staind.

Quite powerfull stuff, heavy guitar and agressive vocals, its not the greatest thing i have heard but then its not the worst.

Rating 7/10

For Fans Of : Drowning Pool, American Head Charge, Dry Kill Logic, Down The Sun


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