Crystal Viper - Possession (CD Review)

01.Zeta Reticuli
02.Voices In My Head
03.Julia Is Possessed
04.Fight Evil With Evil
05.Mark Of The Horned One
06.Why Can't You Listen?
07.You Will Die You Will Burn
08.We Are Many
09.Prophet Of The End

Marta Gabriel (vocals/Guitar)
Andy Wave (Guitar)
Golem (Drums)
Michal Badocha (Bass)

Polish heavy metal band formed in 2003, was the vision of guitarist, singer and composrer Marta Gabriel.

This is their fifth release and is a concept album about young girl named Julia, where the movie-like story gets an unexpected twist.

The recording of this also includes contributions from 50 of their most loyal fans who added screams to be used in various songs, also the song 'Fight Evil With Evil'(recently released as a limited edition vinyl single) features legendary American singer Harry Conklin (Jag Panzer), while 'Julia Is Possessed' we can hear growling voice of Sataniac, vocalist of the German Black/Thrash Metal act Desaster.

The also pay homage to one of their influences with a cover of 'Thundersteel' originally recorded by Riot.

A solid album of classic 80's sounding euro metal, have to pick out 'Prophet Of The End' a great symphonic rocker full of melodic vocals and layered backing vocals.

Epic solo's, solid drumming all go to create an album of anthemic metal, surprisingly at times more Nightwish than Warlock.

Rating 8/10
For fans Of : Helloween, Dio, Warlock/Doro, Nightwish, Sister Sin


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