Friday, 8 November 2013

Black Messiah - Heimweh (CD Review)

01.Symphonia Pagana
02.In The Name Of Ancient Gods
05.Edmund von Ostanglien
08.Die Quelle Der Weisheit

Zagan (vocals/Guitar/violin)
Frangus (Guitar)
Meldric (Guitar)
Garm (Bass)
Agnar (keyboards)
Brooh (Drums)

Formed in 1992 in Germany, the band began with a tradition Black Metal style, their debut album "Spectres Of Black Knowledge" in 1998, however started to display a more refined sound drawing on folk/pagan influences which is the direction they continued with.

A stunning female vocal harmony greets the opening piece 'Symphonia Pagana' with some very atmospheic orchestration this leads us into 'In The Name Of Ancient Gods' a drum driven fast paced song that clearly displays the Black Metal influence both with the vocals overall feel to music.

The next song is in their native german, once upon a time that would have been a problem but thanks to Rammstein we have got used to it, but this is mucher darker!

'Wildsau' has a traditional folk vibe with flutes and accordian, a real happy drinking song, well sounds like it then it it goes into some black metal riffery and demonic vocals before returning to tradition, a little more black metal and then finally some squealing pigs!!

Do i detect Diamond Heads Am I Evil riff on 'Edmund Von Ostanglien' followed by Thin Lizzy's Emerald, well yes i do but thats a good thing because its used to perfection in creating an atmospheric song with a deep almost crooner like vocal delivery.

After the heavy sound of 'Nidhogg' we are then treated to a really beautiful folk ballad called 'Heimweh', again there is a fantastic female backing vocal and an emotional violin solo.
If you are a fan of classic folk rock and know the song Lady Margaret performed by the Trees then this would sit very nicley next to it.

It all ends with an 8 minute mini epic, starting acoustic guitar and then moving into heavy but melodic sounds with subtle keyboards, bells and other instrumentation all thrown in the mix and used to perfection.

A brilliant album one that blows away the recent offering from Turisas and rivals even Amon Amarth!

Rating 10/10

For Fans Of : Turisas, Blood Ceremony, Amon Amarth, Imperium Dekadenz, Cradle Of Filth

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