Les Vaporistes - Release Video Trailer

Allow me to introduce you to a new band from France called Les Vaporistes.

Drawing on Steampunk and Science Fiction they create over one hour a complete stage performance of music and imagery, telling a "Retro-Futurist" love story in 12 acts.

Playing their own unique versions of songs by 'Within Temptation', 'Kate Bush', 'David Bowie' and even 'Disturbed' amongst others.

As a teaser for what they can do they have released a stunning animated trailer.

Its nice to see that a band takes the time to really think about what they are doing, here already they have proved that they have something different to offer and have put in a great deal of work in just a few months.

Definately one to watch and hopefully they will be taking their show outside of france later this year.

FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/lesvaporistes

OFFICIAL WEBSITE : http://www.sea-dust.com/lesvaporistes/



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