Words Of Farewell - The Black Wild Yonder (CD Review)

01.Continuum Shift
02.Telltale Notion
03.In Kingdoms Of Rain
04.Damaged Beyond Repair
05.Beauty In Passing
06.Outer Rim
07.Temporary Loss Of Reason
09.Luminary Ghost

Alexander Otto (Vocals)
Erik Gabmus (Guitar)
Henrik Tschierschky (Guitar)
Konstantin Vobhoff (Bass)
Leo Wichmann (Keyboards)
Tristan Wegner (Drums)

German progressive/death metal style band formed in 2007.
Opening with 'Continuum Shift' we are treated to some quality modern prog sounds before it moves into more traditional death metal stylings.However the musicianship is top rate, the keyboards and melodic guitar work well with the gruff vocal.

This continues track after track, perfectly balanced between the 2 opposing genre's, what really catches my ear time and again is the keyboard work, far superior to anything in the traditional euro fare of 'Power Metal'.

The songs 'Outer Rim' and 'Riven' are some of the best here, with stunning keyboard work reminescent of 70's masters Tangerine Dream, the guitar work is perfect and every other element from ambient sounds to the drums is just faultless.

Rating : 9/10

For fans of: Dark Tranquillity, Insomnium, Scar Symmetry


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