Toxic Waltz - Decades Of Pain (CD Review)

01.Arising Pain
02.Decades Of Pain
03.World Of Hate
04.Toxic Hell
05.Suicide Squad
07.Morbid Symphony
08.Priest Of Lies
09.Obsession To Kill

Angelo (Vocals)
Flo (Drums)
Rahman (Bass)
Jimi (Guitar)
Alex (Guitar)

Formed in Germany at the beginning of 2009, the thrash metal band drew their influence from the old bay area bands like Exodus and Dark Angel.

'Arising Pain' is a simple acoustic intro and one that could lead you into a false sense of security, it then leads straight into 'Decades Of Pain' and we find ourselves in Slayer territory with melodic and powerfull music.

A very solid and darker sound with 'World Of Hate', slow and pounding riff after riff before we pick up the pace for a full on thrash assault, this has the classic old school feel and works very well.

Excellent drum pattern throughout another thrashfest with 'Toxic Hell' and a few demonic screams thrown in as well.

Love the opening guitar work for 'Suicide Squad', has real feeling and the pace of the music is very hypnotic, keeps the head nodding throughout.

The next few keep the pace and style going before we get to the final track 'Obsession To Kill', full of timing changes to throw you off, very well put together track.

Im not sure about Toxic Waltz, more of a Toxic Mosh!!!!

Rating 8/10

For Fans Of : Slayer, Evile, Sepultura, Exodus



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