21Octayne - Into The Open (CD Review)

01.She’s Killing Me
02.Dear Friend
03.Turn The World
04.Don’t Turn Away
05.My Teddy Bear
06.Into The Open
07.Me Myself And I
08.The Heart (Save Me)
09.Your Life
10.I Will Always Be Right There
11.Leave My Head
12.Come Alive

Hagen Grohe (vocals)
Marco Wriedt (Guitars)
Andrew “Bullet” Lauer (Bass)
Alex Landenburg (Drums)

A supergroup (of sorts) formed in Germany in august 2010, more as a jamming group but soon formed a more permanent idea.
So who do we have, well Hagen is the vocalist with the Joe Perry Project (Perry being the guy from Aerosmith), Marco is the guitarist with Axxis, Andrew plays bass with Paul Gilbert and Alex is from Rhapsody, so expect rock ballads mixed with classic rock.

Not quite what i was expecting i must say, starting with 'Shes Killing Me' its a surprisingly "american" sounding song, atouch of Audioslave meeting a mature sounding Motley Crue.Yes it ahs that euro metal sounding guitarwork but not bad.

The next one 'Dear Friend' borders on a naff rock ballad but the drums give it a bit of edge, a bit power metally in places.

Next one that grabs my attention is 'My Teddy Bear', come on cool title! But the music has a funk feel like Extreme used to have.The drum and riff is very heavy, really drives this one along.

The next few tracks come and go, same style nothing to get excited about, then it arrives the "Bloody awful acoustic rock ballad as Copywrited by Bon Jovi, Aersosmith, Mr Big" etc etc, why the fuck do bands feel the need to put out this kind of crap, i swear every damn album that calls itself "Classic Rock" does it yet they all claim to not want to follow the Cliche, well guess what you embrace the cliche when you do this crap!

After that it returns to form, but again nothing special, cant help but wonder why this stuff gets released, if they were not known musicians this wouldnt get passed the demo or free download stage.

Rating 5/10
For fans Of : Extreme, Mr Big, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard


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