Serpentine Path - Emanations (CD Review)

01.Essence Of Heresy
02.House Of Worship
03.Treacherous Waters
05.Disfigured Colossus
06.Systematic Extinction

Tim Bagshaw (Guitar)
Stephen Flam (Guitar)
Jay Newman (Bass)
Darren Verni (Drums)
Ryan Lipynsky (Vocals/Guitar/Synth)

Formed after the demise of 'Unearthly Trance' in 2011 by bassist Jay Newman, drummer Darren Verni and vocalist Ryan Lipynsky, they then recruited guitarist Tim Bagshaw (ex-Ramesses, ex-Electric Wizard) to complete the lineup.
Their crushing, self-titled debut full-length was referred to as "thudding death-doom that will have genre enthusiasts rolling their stoned skulls in graveyard genuflection" by Revolver, and "a contender for doom album of the year" by Decibel.

Now officially augmented by new second guitarist Stephen Flam, the mastermind behind NYC doom/death legends, Winter, this new album is described as their "most demoralizing and anguish-filled slow-motion chaos yet".

We are presented with seven slabs of slow and painful sludge doom, downtuned to perfection with an evil growling vocal.
What surprised me was the length of the songs ranging from 4 to 8 minutes, i was expecting huge 10 minute pieces.

Its hard to pick a fave track as its a genre i like, yet essentially all the songs sound the same (in a good way!).

You either like this stuff or dont, if you do then this is well produced music from musicians who are veterans of the genre.

Rating 8/10
For Fans Of : Electric Wizard, Sunn 0))), Earth, Boris, Primitive Man


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