Death - Leprosy (3 Disc Re-Issue Review)

02.Born Dead
03.Forgotten Past
04.Left to Die
05.Pull the Plug
06.Open Casket
07.Primitive Ways
08.Choke on It

01.Open Casket (23/09/87)
02.Choke On It (23/09/87)
03.Left To Die (23/09/87)
04.Left To Die - Take Two (23/09/87)
05.Left To Die (05/12/87)
06.Open Casket (05/12/87)
07.Pull The Plug (05/12/87)
08.Choke On It (05/12/87)
09.Born Dead (05/12/87)
10.Forgotten Past (05/12/87)

02.Open Casket
03.Zombie Ritual
04.Pull The Plug
05.Left To Die
07.Forgotten Past
08.Born Dead
09.Denial Of Life
10.Primitive Ways
11.Infernal Death
13.Pull The Plug
14.Forgotten Past
15.Primitive Ways

Chuck Schuldiner (Guitar/vocals)
Rick Rozz (Guitar)
Terry Butler (Bass)
Bill Andrews (Drums)

Im sure you wont need the back history to this band or indeed this album originally released in november 1988.

In fact this was the first time i had ever heard the band, after Radio 1 DJ John Peel played a track off it called 'Pull The Plug' i went out the next day and purchased a copy on good old vinyl!

This album was later voted number 1 as the most important Death Metal album of all time, and its influence continues to this day.

It was re-issued in 2008 with 5 live tracks, but this one is quite something, no less than 3 discs, the original album, a disc of rehersals and then a huge live collection.
Available in  a digi pack cd set with booklet and coloured vinyl.

This really gives the fans what they want, most re-issues just dont cut it, this does!

Now normally id do a track by track review, what can i say that has nt already been said its still top of the class, unrivialed in brutality, yet retaining melody and quality musicanship.Every track is brilliant but for me its still 'Pull The Plug' loved it when i heard it all those years ago and loved it when i played it just now.

As for the bonus discs, the rehearsal stuff is intresting, you can hear how the band worked hard to create the songs and with the three versions of 'Left To Die' you can see how a song can develop to perfection.

The live stuff, well come on, even more agressive, screaming guitars, furious drums and a vocal style often copied but never bettered.

Just go buy it!

Rating 10/10
For Fans Of : Morbid Angel, Slayer, Obituary


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