Dissorted - I EP (CD Review)

01.Bloodshed Divine
02.Eaten Alive
03.The New World
04.The Somnambulist
05.Operation Observation

Mirco (Vocals)
Dillon (Bass)
Florian (Guitar)
Martin (Drums)
Sebastian (Guitar)

German band formed in 2004 playing melodic thrash metal connecting fast, neck breaking riffs influenced by Exodus and Testament mixed with traditional bands like Iced Earth and Megadeth, always focussing on their own, yet recognizable sound.

This would appear to be their first release after 10 years together.

Seems the one band they didn't mention in their short biography was 'Anthrax' because the first track 'Bloodshed Divine' has a real early Anthrax feel, solid drumming powerful riff and shout it out vocals, perfect!

Picking up the speed on 'Eaten Alive' and hell we could be back in 1984, but thats not to say that this is an old school copy, because they throw enough of their own style to make this sound original and up to date.

'The New World' has a touch of Iron Maiden at the beginning then it picks up a treat and creates another headbanging mosh pit anthem.

I was expecting something a bit special with 'The Somnambulist' and this six minute rocker did not fail to deliver.
Clever timing changes, a huge vocal delivery and great guitarwork, definatley the stand out song.

The final song 'Operation Observation' is the least thrashy song here, a solid near early 80's german power/speed metal anthem, but some very agressive vocals thrown in over some quality double pedal drumwork to keep it up to date.

Amazing EP, why have they waited so bloody long to put something out??

Rating 9/10
For Fans Of: Anthrax, Kemakil, Elimination, Exodus, Accept


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