Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Itnuveth - The Way Of The Berserker (CD Review)

01.The Learning (Intro)
02.Legacy Of A Dead Wolf
03.Death We Are
05.Black Henbane
06.Chaotic Chasm
07.Northern Demons
08.Lif In Hoddmimis Holt

Lianne (Vocals)
Volundr (Guitar/Bass)

1st album by this spanish band formed by Volundr (SVIPDAGR) and Lianne Krossburner (EDENKAISER) where they play a raw and melodic Pagan Black Metal.

Weird intro, but still pointless to have it as a seperate track, anyway 'Legacy Of A Dead Wolf' kicks in and already i can hear the problem, we have great guitar and good evil sounding vocals and the shittest drum machine sound ever with horrible tinny cymbal tink tink sound!

The drum actually sounds a bit better on 'Death We Are' but it really does kill the darkend vibe!

Even the doom composition of 'Skoll' with its awesome guitar sound is killed by the machine.

Look guys sorry i cant go on, this is such a shame, you have put in the work, created great vocal and guitar stuff, but the drum machine is fucking it up!

Rating 5/10

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