My Shameful - Hollow (CD Review)

01.Nothing Left At All
03.And I Will Be Worse
04.Hour Of Atonement
05.The Six
06.Murdered Them All
07.No Greater Purpose
08.Now And Forever

Sami Rautio (Vocals/Guitar)
Twist (Bass)
Jürgen Fröhling (Drums)
Mario (Guitar)

Begun in 1999 as a two-man studio project, evolved into a multinational machine of hate and doom based in Finland.

Eight huge slabs of funeral doom, does exactly what you want from this style of music, presenting gutteral vocals, slow pounding drums and solid chord structures.
What i also like about this is the tone of the lead guitar, it reminds me of early goth bands like Bauhaus.
This all helps to create the perfect mood, hard to pick any one track as such but 'Hour Of Atonement' and 'Murdered Them All' do leap out the speakers due to the overwhelming ambience of gloom yet tinged with great melody.

Rating 9/10
For Fans Of: Triptykon, Wolveserpent, Necropoli, Witchsorrow


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