ROXVILLE - Demo 2008 (CD Review)

1.Crash N Burn
2.Bad Luck
3.Desert Storm

CT - Vocals
Charlie - Guitar
Rocco - Guitar
Ash - Bass
Nicky Thrill- Drums

This is quite a demo and one which you can hear on their myspace page,it's just this disc is better sound quality.The band only formed about a year ago and feature ex EverRest bassist Ash.They draw their influences from what they describe as "Classic Rock",which means no emo crap here :)

Opening with Crash N Burn a slick and anthemic song with that post Shout At The Devil Motley Crue feel, Bad luck adds a touch of the Blackie Lawless vocals to the mix.Desert Storm is the obligatory ballad and the weakest track here reminding me of past horrors like poison and white lion ! song has some good guitarwork in it though.Gone starts with a riff not a million miles away from girlschools Dont Call It Love,its slow paced but i reckon this is gonna be a crowd pleaser live.Final track Whipped is the stand out track here with great lyrics and fist in the air chorus.

So they shall be playing a few gigs soon then they are going to re-record the vocals on the demo and put out a version on disc that you can buy from them.
Rating : 09/10

Get This If You Like : Motley Crue,UFO,Thin Lizzy,Aerosmith.



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