1.Papa Lazarou Intro
2.Chaosanct - I Of Goliath
3.Infestation - Legions Of Death
4.Has Someone Been Naughty
5.Roxville - Whipped
6.Pinhead Last Supper
7.Mick Priestley Green River Project - Nowhere To Run
8.Hollow Limit - Devils Hour
9.Black Polaris - And They Faded Away
10.Kramers Blood
11.Matron - Blood Of Knights
12.Powermajus - Dream Or Reality
13.Too Bad She Wont Live
14.Here Lies Afflication - Destroy Your Memory
15.Metal Band - Dreamers Fate
17.Viking Skull - Skull Heaven
18.Meantime - Vengeance
19.Muted - Downward Spiral
20.killing People
21.Carnivale - Orphans Of The Storm
22.Voodoo Vegas - Sweet Mary Jane
23.Mallory Knox - Drink Fight Fuck
24.Hail To The King
25.King Lizard - Hell Yeah

Running Time - 70.59
Format - wma
Size - 49.4 mb
Bit Rate - 97 kbs

Here be number 4 :) i seem to be getting worse,these are supposed to be an hour long,but trhey keep getting longer,trouble is there is too much good music to bring to you.Download and enjoy my usual mix of music,offensive comedy and soundbites.As always go to the gigs and if they have them buy the cd's from the bands!Also if the bands have tickets to sell,buy from them and not the venues or ticket agencys.


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