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METALWORKS,CAVALAR - Live At The Monarch 28.09.08 (Gig Review)


The Monarch 28.09.08

Cavalar are one of those bands who simply put "Have it", their blend of Black Sabbath and good old fashioned heavy metal is a sight to behold.Vocalist Twitch looks like a young Paul Rogers (Free/Bad Company) with the vocal range to match, drummer Arn powers around the kit like Bill Ward and John Bonham, and like Bonham often just uses his hands instead of the sticks !Superb basswork from Max who clearly enjoys the stage experience and some great guitarwork from Dan who rather annoyingly looks about 14! (Looks and talent - where did i go wrong?).

To the music..and its headbanging time with a good mixed selection of older classics Deadman,Rush and V-Red with the newer material like Genocidal Mind and the epic Stand Up In The Air.
Everything was brought to a clsoe with the superb Devils Country, which Twitch pointed out was on their cd available at the merch stand.
Except that it was'nt because they had sold every single copy they took with them, and that was a big box full, which in itself proves just how impressive they were :)

To Metalworks and there was a buzz in the air before they even took to the stage, why? i hear you ask, because tonights show was with guitarist Richie Faulkner, now he's been playing with the band over the last 14 years but is better know to many as Lauren Harris' guitarist and recentley as a member of Ace Mafia.They also had a different bassist tonight.

As ever the set starting with Free,Deep Purple etc was performed to a standard way above what you would expect from a covers band, Richie's guitar work was quite something, a perfect mix of technical ability and playing from the soul, at times like Randy Rhoads and reminding me of Jeff Beck.
They did a great vesion of UFO's Doctor Doctor which i am told is a song they used to open with years ago, this was followed up by a couple of Thin Lizzy classics and then into Metallica.
If anything i would have to say that vocalist Steff seemed a little subdued tonight and the band overall came over in a much more serious manner than the last time i saw them.I guess thats the beauty of a flexible line up that each time is different.

Now i would love to tell you about the rest of their set but i cant for two, thanks to Boris 'Bendy-Bus' Johnson we had to leave at 11 o'clock to catch the last tube from Camden which was at 11:15.Tubes to 3am anybody???? (Seem to recall Bozza saying something about helping out London's night culture with public transport), the second reason is that some of my friends who stayed to watch the set out got so wasted on Jagermeister that they could not remember anything other than that were "Fucking great, did some Ac/Dc stuff and Maiden and that bloke on guitar was awesome".
So yet again its a total thumbs up (Or horms in the air) for Metalworks who continue to entertain and impress with each show.

I was talking to Steff who was saying that they are going to be working on a whole batch of new songs which im looking forward to hearing,how about an old Quo track guys???




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