Friday, 21 November 2008

CHAOSANCT - I Of Goliath EP (CD Review)

1. I Of Goliath
2. Dark Directions
3. Slither
4. The Mind Chamber

David R Kuchta - Vocals
James McIlroy - Guitar
Andrew Ongley - Guitar
Tilman Wolff-Moore - Bass
Matt C- Drums

Its going to be hard to review this ep without going on about the amazing vocals of Dave Kuchta a man who possessess a totally unique and outstanding style that will quickly gain this band major intrest.

So we start with the title track, heavy as you would expect from the Death Metal style,but with unexpected melody and a very catchy chorus,that said it is my least fave track,its just me tho, just a bit of the guitar i dont like thats all.

Track two is a pure delight opening with keyboards put together by James and Tilman this song has every element from metal to death composed with real care to create the near perfect song Dave's vocals surpass anything ive heard this year full stop, going from Burton C.Bell to Shagrath without pausing for breath,the song just moves so sweetly from melody to speed to death powered by solid drumming and great riffs.

Slither was my fave track up to now,it kicks big time starting off with a sample stating that "some say the world will end in fire" and if it did then this is its soundtrack,triggered drums power this song at full speed towards a wall of death :) once again Daves vocal arange simply astounds and the guitar work towards the end is top notch!

Finally we come to The Mind Chamber an atmospheric piece than features guest vocals from former Interlock singer Christina Gajny,the song itself has this wonderful little riff throughout that just holds it together perfectly.

These four songs show that Chaosanct dont want to do things thre same way as everybody else this cuts them a whole new genre of what we know as Death Metal,right now there is no one any where near this !
So you will want to get your hands on a copy of this go to or better still get one at their next gig.

Rating : 10/10

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