Thursday, 20 November 2008

NEMHAIN - Ruskin Arms 15.11.08 (Gig Review)

Hi On Maiden
Cloven Hoof
Hanging Doll

Ruskin Arms 15.11.08

Well im back at the Ruskin, first time in nearly 24 years.
Last time i was there i was dj'ing with the Radio Amanda roadshow.
So here we are then the very last night as it's closing down and going to be turned into flats, many people were expecting Iron Maiden to show up - they didnt.

I arrived at the venue and saw a little bit of Hanging Doll a sort of goth type band with a guy on guitar doing great wednesday 13 impressions and a good female vocalist.

But i was there for Nemhain and they played one helluva set and the audience were treated to their best live performance this year.
They kicked off with 'From The Ashes' and then simply hammered their way through a stunning set.
Show stealers were the zep/sabbath tinged 'Clear My Eyes' and their brilliant cover of the Gits 'Second Skin'
Nothing went wrong, Lakis guitar and amp survived (mainly it must be said due to the fact that lakis was usuing james from Chaosanct's amp head and james set it up !).

I was standing next to Dave Sherwood from thrash band Virus who managed to headbang to every song even the slow ones! and kept shouting out for Speed Queen.
They definatley picked up a few new fans and entertained us old ones !

After their set i went upstairs with them and spent the rest of the evening talking,did hear Cloven Hoof though and boy can their singer do great King Diamond vocals.
On the way out i briefly caught Hi On Maiden, but i dont like tribute bands anyway, but more importantly if its not Dianno them im not really intrested.

The whole event was in aid of Clive Aid and i understand they made a fortune !


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