NEMHAIN,LAURA LONDON,SOPHIE - Live @ The BIg Red 31.10.08 (Gig Review)

Laura London

The perfect way to return to the stage covered in blood on halloween !
Its been a very busy year for the band with the recording of the debut album and Adrian's huge touring commitments with At The Gates, so this is in fact only their second gig of the year in the uk !

The evening kicks off with Sophie's fire eating and angle grinding act, some of you may remember her from Nemhains "Ana" video.Its impressive stuff i tell you !
Next up was magician Laura London who did unpleasent things to bananas, cucumbers and Amber!

Nemhain took to the stage soon after and kicked off with From The Ashes,the title track from the forthcoming album due jan/feb 09.The sabbathesque 'Clear My Eyes'once again proves to be a stand out track with much jumping around in the audience, followed up by their killer version of the misfits Die Die My Darling, the big red erupted !

New song Jane Doe #1 finally gets a proper live outing complete with Lisa's lemmy like backing vocals.

Now it wouldnt be a Nemhain gig without a hitch and todays hitch came from Lakis amp head,but this time a spare had been lined up and with the help of James (Chaosanct) the problem was rectified and it was a very loud version of the gits 'Second Skin' that we were treated too. This is the first time that the song has ever been performed live.

The set ended with Speed Queen, Nemhain may have been up against numerous other club nights and the wednesday 13 gig with many of their fans elsewhere,but tonight they won over a new audience,gained new fans and impressed the old fans with a fresh set and heavier sound.



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