DE PROFUNDIS - Beyond Redemption (CD Review)

1.In Contemplation Of Existence
2.Delusion Of Life
3.Nihilism Vortex
4.A Caustic Vexation
5.Into Eternity

Craig Land - Vocals
Roman Subbotin - Guitar
Alsksei Obradovic - Bass
Shoi Sengupta - Guitar
David Andrews - Drums

This is a classic example of what i mean when i say go to the gigs and buy from the band.I had never really heard of them, apart from the fact that James (Matron/Chaosanct) has played with them at a festival in europe, so when i saw them at the purple turtle for the first time it was an instant wow and yes they had their cd for sale, which i brought, have listened to and will now review (Even though it came out a year ago - maybe im not the only one who was in the dark about them?).

So what do you get for £8 ?..... 5 huge slabs of doom laden black metal coming in at 44 minutes!
Track one kicks off with a slow gothic intro which sounds like a slowed down version of the riff for Department S 'Is Vic There' then straight into wonderful doom in that traditional sabbath style but not sounding like sabbath, deathly vocals boom out of the speakers.

Delusion Of Life is more of the same but 7 minutes in there is some fantastic guitar work,while a lovely bassline introduces the next track which also allows vocalist Craig to do some great Shagrath styled screams.

The final track is a Maiden like instrumental which really needed to be longer, you just get into it then it finishes :(

Okay so they have new tracks on their myspace and are to begin recording a new album soon, but go get this now, its a classic!

Rating - 10/10

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