01.No More Excuses
02.London Underground
03.Feel The Fire
04.Best Thing
08.Open Your Eyes
09.So Cruel
10.Vicious Circle
11.Fallen From Heaven

K.Ghibli (Vocals/Guitar)
Richie Faulkner (Guitar)
Bruno Agra (Drums)
Geos Letona (Bass)

Formed in 2008 and based in good old Camden, the band hold a special place for me as their 'Feel The Fire' ep was the very first cd i reviewed on this blog on 30th August 2008.
So now i have been handed an advanced copy of the debut album 'Vicious Circle', time to hit play.........

'No More Excuses' is a great rocker with a BLS vibe, then its straight into 'London Underground' always my favourite song and after a year it still kicks with punchy riffs an awesome solo, great vocals and powerhouse drumming.Its a weird song lyrically about a man finally away from the rush hour nightmare of the Underground wishes he was back there while he is at the office ?!

'Feel The Fire' is a power ballad that also carries emotion and gives a nice break in the album.Wow is all i can say about 'Best Thing' its a fantastic song, a nice commercial sound that is boosted by some brilliant orchestration and guitar work.

The human condition is the subject of 'Rolling' dealing with the story of a man who loses his confidence, blames the world but sets to win it back by believing in himself and fighting his own self doubt.

'Difference' is pretty much a full on metal assault with a melodic breakdown thrown in and there is a really neat acoustic guitar solo in the mix as well.

Okay so it has a great solo in it but i cant really get into the ballad 'Someday' its one of those get your lighter out moments,but doesnt quite hit the mark for me.

The previous track is soon eradicated from my brain (Cell) with the moody 'Open Your Eyes' and then 'So Cruel' with its superb bass playing crashing through the speakers just gets that head a banging again.

The title track 'Vicious Circle' is a wonderful mix of guitar solos, crazy drumming and really strong vocals.

Finally 'Fallen From Heaven' comes up all too soon and as you might expect from the title its one of those big rock ballads, but this one is outstanding, a really nice acoustic intro is soon mixing with some furious double peddling and then once again the superb guitar playing from Richie, i tell you this one has it all and at six minutes it gives you plenty of time to get into and enjoy.

Rating 10/10

For fans of : Black Label Society, Guns N Roses, Velvet Revolver, Alice In Chains



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