Tuesday, 22 December 2009


02.One Night
04.I Want More
05.I'm Fallin'
06.Drugs & Angels

Roxx Hydi (Vocals)
Dainty Rockstar (Guitar)
Pete Sin (Drums)
Dude Rock (Bass)

Formed at the beginning of this year, the london based band mix classic rock with intelligent glam influences.

Track one 'Fakeness' has a real Motley Crue vibe but the guitarwork is much better, really flying solo's, the song 'One Night' is also in the same vain.

'Questions' is a classic rock ballad, this one has real soul, awesome vocals, a moving rhythm and very well written lyrics.

A neat little bass line introduces 'I Want More', followed up with a strong drum beat and punchy guitar, this one is the one that everybody will sing-a-long to, has yet another great guitar solo as well.This is the song that should be getting radio play.

'Im Fallin' is a G'n'R style ballad about falling in love, its a little weak compared to the rest of the EP, but it does the job!

Finally the broody rocker 'Drugs & Angels' another great song with more catchy guitarwork.

Overall an impressive cd, one of the better examples of the genre, well put together songs delivered with real style.

Rating 10/10

For fans of: Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, Roxville, King Lizard, Hanoi Rocks


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Anonymous said...

Agree!! :)) 10/10