01.Higher Ground
02.Power Corrupts

Benn Helm (Vocal/Guitar)
Andy Paton (Electronics/Trumpet)

Killaflaw as a writing and recording entity formed in 2006. Prior to this, the
individual members’ musical interests and activities are relatively diverse. Andy Paton
cut his teeth composing electronic music, melding various influences, while at the same
time adding his own original dimension. This led to him performing extremely innovative
and popular live electronics sets, characterised by a hard beat and intelligently
delivered improvisation.

Benn Helm on the other hand spent his years prior to Killaflaw in a more rock/blues
environment, writing, singing and playing guitar in several bands prior to Killaflaw’s
formation. It’s fair to say that singing is the standout quality in Helm’s range of
talent. Whether it’s low blues or screeching rock, Helm can find the notes.
The band formed through a common desire to see what the effect would be of combining
their respective talents.

They quickly picked up positive press from everywhere including the pop magazine
Kerrang! (wel it is pop, have you seen anything metal in there in say the last 10
years??) and a series of awards and high profile gigs.

The bio states "There are few acts worldwide that convincingly create and deliver such
a crossover sound as Killaflaw and that can be evidenced by the makeup of their current
fan base. Fans of everyone from Slayer through to Hot Chip find something in the sound
that they can associate with and enjoy".

Well the thing is that up to now it has not been the sort of thing a Slayer fan would
listen to, in fact up to now its been fairly average in the rock/dance crossover genre
like the much overrated Pendulum, but then these 2 tracks arrived.......

So i hit play and was taken-a-back by the quality of 'Higher Ground', the duo seem to
have matured and finally come up with a dark/industrial dance floor killer, its slow
and moody with an awesome vocal delivery and a simple but catchy chorus, some inspired
sampling in the mix as well sounding in places like a slowed down 'Ministry' and the
trumpet really adds to the ambience of the song.Its weird because it sounds like a collaboration of NIN and INXS!!

'Power Corrupts' follows along in the same style, again great sampling, driving
rhythms, good vocals all put together to create a quite stunning piece of music.
If this is the way forward for the band then i for one will be taking an active

Rating 9/10

For fans of: Nine Inch Nails, Prodigy, Mortiis, Skinny Puppy



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