Korn - The Paradigm Shift (CD Review)

01.Prey For Me
02.Love & Meth
03.What We Do
04.Spike In My Veins
05.Mass Hysteria
06.Paranoid And Aroused
07.Never Never
08.Punishment Time
09.Lullaby For A Sadist
11.It's All Wrong

Jonathan Davis (Vocals/Bagpipes/keyboards/Programming)
Brian "Head" Welch (Guitar)
James "Munky" Shaffer (Guitar)
Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu (Bass)
Ray Luzier (Drums)

Guest Musicians
Zaylien (Keyboards/Programming)
Sluggo (keyboards/Programming)

Studio album number eleven and the first album to feature original guitarist Brian "Head" Welch since 2003's Take a Look in the Mirror.

I am hoping that with 'Head' back in the fold (i guess being back with the sex, drugs, bad language and satanism is okay now after his outburst many years ago?) and with 'Munky' saying they are trying to get back to the sound they had with the 'Issues' album that Korn are leaving all that skrillex crap behind and getting back to doing what they do best which is their own strange mix of rock/goth and hip hop.

Well here's hoping; Click Play and........

Well 'Prey For Me' certainly makes an impressive opening, really sounds like the old Korn, solid drum, that epic bass sound, the weird and quirky bits they thrown in (spookycore wasnt it once termed?), Davis vocal is on top form and the backing vocals work well.

From this point onwards every track sounds just as good, different moods, some more atmospheric than others, some get heavy some stay with that commercial edge.
What this album proves is that Korn can still play proper rock music (yeh okay call it Nu-Metal if you want, but that was always a weird tag anyway, pretty meaningless in reality) and dont need all this "dubstep" experimental crap.

Rating 8/10
For Fans Of : Slipknot, Fear Factory, Rammstein, Tool, Stone Sour


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