Motorhead - Aftershock (CD Review)

02.Coup De Grace
03.Lost Woman Blues
04.End Of Time
05.Do You Believe
06.Death Machine
07.Dust And Glass
08.Going To Mexico
09.Silence When You Speak To Me
10.Crying Shame
11.Queen Of The Damned
13.Keep Your Powder Dry

Lemmy (Bass/Vocals)
Phil "Wizzö" Campbell (Guitar)
Mikkey Dee (Drums)

Well it could have been an all cover version album that was talked about last year and with the health scare with Lemmy it was possible that we wouldnt get an album at all this year, but they have returned with studio album number 22 (even though the press release says 21 they forget that 'On Parole' was an official album as well!!!).

It's a Motorhead album so you know what you are gonna get - fast, rockin rocks coming in at under 4 minutes, solid bass, brain crunching drumming, off the hip and in yer face guitar playing and THE voice of Lemmy!

So 'Heartbreaker' and 'Coup De Grace' start us off in time honoured style then we get 'Lost Woman Blues' a heavy blues song that really stands out, nothing short of awesome!

'End Of Time' returns us to what we expect then comes 'Death Machine' a song that could have been off the 'Bomber' album, its dark and menacing like an updated version of 'Sweet Revenge'.

A blues riff that sounds a little like Steppenwolf's 'The Pusher' leads us into a very laid back 60's sounding ballad called 'Dust And Glass' another great and standout track.

Haha the fast paced 'Going To Mexico' kinda sounds like 'Going To Brazil'.

Heavy and punchy 'Silence When You Speak To Me' (Didnt Spike Milligan write that in one of his books?) comes in as the albums longest track and works well.

I swear i can detect some piano in the mix on 'Crying Shame' but nothing in the bio sheet about it? Kick ass song though!

The next 3 songs are mid paced rockers leaving us with the final track 'Paralyze' which is one of the fastest on the album.

Actually one of the better albums from the last few years, the band sound younger and fresher that they have for a while now, weird is'nt it?

Rating 10/10
For Fans Of : Tank, Viking Skull, Ramones, Damned, Girlschool


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