BB Blackdog - Live At Cask Corner 25.10.13 (Gig Review)

Cask Corner, Doncaster 25.10.13

One drummer and two bass players might seem an unusual line up for a rock group, but in this instance it is all that is required to create a unique,totally original sound and concept.

In an attempt to describe their music i am reminded of many things, the lead bassist and vocalist Dale Rowles has the vocal harmony of Jack Bruce mingled with the non folkish stylings of Ian Anderson, whilst his outstanding ability at playing a rickenbacker bass as a lead guitar (reminscent of Lemmy way back in 1973!) with the addition of say Geezer Butler and Les Claypool. Creating amazing sounds by what from my angle appeared to be a wah wah pedal and phaser f/x unit, he also threw in some slide guitar work, something which i have never seen on a bass in 36 years of going to gig's.

The second bassist Molly May Hooper ranges from the traditional job of a bass player to turning her hand to rhythm playing with some added f/x for extra depth.

Axel Boldt plays an unconventional drum kit, holding solid and rhythmic patterns throughout (also operating the bands self contained PA system and mixing desk) and perhaps more shockingly actually manages to wear more pink items than Sky London did when he was in King Lizard a few years back.

So to the music, some songs worked as pure seventies psychedelia harking back to the legendary Hawkwind (during one song i found myself singing 'Time we Left' in my head due to the hypnotic basswork) blended with german art rockers Can, others were in the hard rock style, i managed to pick out elements of Black Sabbath and Primus.

There were a few comical songs and a reggae number broken up by some blast beats and heavy riffing.

As to the lyrical content which ranged from Politics (Dale is a member of the Monster Raving Loony Party) to Ex Wives and some roosters coming to a nasty end at the farm!
We should also not forget Sex (and lets face it who would want to forget such a thing?) with songs about Gimps and Speed Dating showing the loving and caring side of initial relationship contact, the woman wanting security and romance, the man wanting to tie her up and err well you get the idea.

The final elements making the perfect evening were the humorous quips from dale in between songs I (imagine Viv Stanshall doing an impression of Graham Chapman) and crowd participation with members of the audience invited to wear rooster hats and dance like chickens and also a conga line running throughout the venue.



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