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BB Blackdog - No Two (CD Review)

01.Low Blow
03.Music Saves Me
05.Music Teacher
07.State Of Today
08.Nice Boys
09.Can You Just
10.Stranded In The Rain
12.Dont Want

Bonus Track :
The Dog Awakes an audio story

Dale Rowles (Bass/Vocals)
Axel Boldt (Drums)
John Ferguson (Bass)
Montague Jacques Fromage (Narration On Story)

Derbyshire based band with English and German members, formed early in 2007 with a pretty unique set up with 2 bass players and a drummer and playing a mixture of Psychedelic and Classic Rock with Stoner and Blues influence, then add to that mix some quirkey lyrics and clever timing changes and dress it up in Steampunk outfits.

They have built up a fearsome live reputation in Europe, America and here in the UK, Playing festivals, conventions and straight forward gigs.
Surprisingly this is only their second album though i believe that another one has since been recorded with legendary heavy metal musician and producer Andy Sneap.

A slow and moody opener with 'Low Blow' sounding like Black Sabbaths Heaven & Hell but with a mellow vocal and just some of the coolest phased bass playing ever laid down.

'Women' has a funky feel with another smooth vocal, drum and bass music with some serious agression, however the lyric that you take away from the song is that women wont let men fart!

A brilliant and im guessing personal lyric from Dale about working in an office and dreaming of being in a band and then going for it, 'Music Saves Me' is something a lot of us can relate to and yet it can bring more stress than a "normal" job.

Now 'Love' has this great 60's jazz/blues feel, both bass players compliment the sound perfectly, one is low and solid then Dale comes in with some odd sounds on his.

Sticking with that 60's vibe comes the blues heavy 'Music Teacher' nice deep vocal in places and some of the best harmonica playing this side of Sonny Boy Williamson, reminds me of early John Mayall, but then when that lead bass kicks in brings it more into Primus territory.

'Why' is one of the slowest darkest doom laden tracks i have heard for a while, pounding drums evil bass lines and a wonderful harmony vocal.

This one has it all - dual vocal one high one low, dual bass, again one high one low.While the song attempts to say something about politics and the 'State Of Today'.

Hitting up some reggae beats and full on speed punk, 'Nice Boys' is an intresting style change for the album.

After 'Can You Just' with its nice little bass fills comes another personal song called 'Stranded In The Rain' telling the story of being stuck in Sheffield whilst trying to get to a Dr John gig, then it happens again in Germany as they are about to tour, Damn the rain but not the song.

Politics is the subject matter once more, this time what happens when you want to be elected - you ask for 'Power' you get it and then you abuse it no matter how much you say you wont.
As for the music, cant help this but i have heard them perform this live and as soon as that bass kicked in, in my head i started singing Hawkwinds 'Time We Left and i have just done it again!

A touch of classic Black Sabbath drumming mixed with some Cream era Jack Bruce, got it? Then you will love 'Dont Want' with its brooding bass lines and solos.

Are you sitting comfortably then we shall begin, 'The Dog Awakes' is a 24 minute Steampunk/Horror story by Dale Rowles and Sean Varney and then expanded by LM Cooke (Author and lead singer in Crimson Clocks), it is read by friend, singer and sometimes collaborator Montague Jacques Fromage.
The story is with some excellent artwork is in the booklet and you can read along with Montague's wonderful speaking voice, a tone and passion worthy of any radio play.

All in all this is one helluva album, one which has the potential to reach a huge and diverse audience, it is quite something!

Rating 10/10
For Fans Of : Hawkwind, Cream, Black Sabbath, Monster Magnet, Primus.

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