Monday, 2 June 2014

Wretched - Cannibal (CD Review)

01.Gold Above Me
04.Thin Skinned
05.L'Appel Du Vide
06.Cranial Infestation
07.Salt Lick
10.To The Flies
11.Engulfed In Lethargy

Steven Funderburk (Guitar)
Adam Cody (Vocals)
Joel Moore (Guitar)
Andrew Grevey (Bass)
Marshall Wieczorek (Drums)

North Carolina band first came together in September 2005 when drummer Marshall Wieczorek and guitarist Steven Funderburk formed 'AND SINCE FORGOTTEN'.
By 2009 and with the new name 'Wretched' they released their first album 'Exodus of Autonomy'.
In 2010 a line up change brought in guitarist John Vail and bassist Rico Marziali and felt confident these changes would propel them further into
metal glory. Perfecting a new sound, they released Beyond the Gate, however their success proved too much for the band, who suffered another lineup change in 2011, creating what would be this latest incarnation With Adam Cody (GLASS CASKET) on lead vocals and Andrew Grevey on bass joining Marshall on drums and guitarists John and Steven, the group finally felt complete. Motivated by their new additions, they joined The Metal Alliance Tour alongside DevilDriver and 3 Inches Of Blood.

After another album and more gigs and positive press they have now unleashed 'Cannibal'.

The opening to 'Gold Above Me' is amazing, slow guitar over some technical blast beats, the song then picks up the speed and we find the level of power that this band are highly capable of.
Heavilly driven by the superb drumming of Wieczorek and the evil growls of Cody.Some very clever guitarwork in there as well, not just riffs and powerchords but some great solos.
This is a relentless onslaught of power executed by a band who understand their craft to perfection.

They mix up the styles as well, songs like 'Thin Skinned' start off with a doom feel before moving into Thrash and a stunning guitar solo.
There is a weird almost gothic instrumental called 'L'Appeal Du Vida' that gives the album some breathing space.

The title track is a 7 minute epic blending melodic progressive riffs, quite almost acoustic guitarwork and mid tempo thrash metal.

A very good album and one that went beyond my expectations of just another generic death metal album, definatley one to check out.

Rating 8/10
For Fans Of : Devildriver, Six Feet Under, Xenochord

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