Monday, 2 June 2014

Running Death - The Call Of Extinction (EP Review)

02.Killing For Gods
03.Call Of Extinction
04.Celebrate Your Agression
05.Hunting For Heads

Simon (Guitar/Vocals)
Julian (Guitar)
Vigi (Bass)
Jakob (Drums)

German thrash metal band formed back in 2004, in 2007 they released their first demo and after building up a solid live reputation they released a full EP called 'Raging Nightmare'.
They are currently working on their first full album but until its release they are re promoting their second EP 'The Call Of Extinction' which is available for free at the bands Bandcamp page (Link Below).

This is what i like to call melodic thrash metal, think Megadeth style, lots of guitar workouts with Maidenesque overtones mixing with Mustaines style.
Some excellent bass playing here as well, you dont often hear that coming through with a lot of bands, and the whole thing is driven by some precision drumming.

However the vocal style is a little raw, it doent quite match the music, not sure if thats because the vocalist is singing in English and trying too hard to get it right or if simply he has a more agressive "shouty" style of vocals more suited to the death metal genre.

But it is a good solid EP, any misgivings i have about the vocals are essentially unimportant because its the music that makes this one stand out from the endless pile of bands who knock this out without much care and attention.

With that new album in the works it should be one to watch out for.

Rating: 9/10
For Fans Of: Evile, Elimination, Kemakil, Megadeth, Slayer


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