Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Vengeful Ghoul - Timeless Warfare (CD Review)

01.Chained Freedom
02.The Sovereign Place
03.Ruthless Crow
04.My Crowded Solitude
05.Under Control
07.Search For Apeiron
08.Fire & Spell
09.Timeless Warfare

Emre Kasapoglu (Vocals)
Ozgur Nair (Guitar)
Senem Undemir (Guitar)
Volkan Beykoz (Drums)
Gorkem Buyukesmeli (Bass)

Formed in 2005 in Istanbul, Turkey by Senem and Emre, they took their style of power/thrash metal and started to play live, soon after they cut their first demo.
Whilst most bands will pay for studio time, the band decided to build their own studio in which to continue recording and 'Ruthless Crow Studios' was the result and also the title of track three from this their debut album.

Machine gun fire effects are used to introduce 'Chained Freedom', starts off as a mid paced thrasher before moving more in Painkiller era Priest metal, and boy has that vocalist got some style!
At times this borders on Power metal, but manages to stay away from the endless guitar twiddling that that genre tends to offer.

The next few songs follow the same pattern then we come to 'My Crowded Solitude', a very simple guitar riff with a powerful vocal delivery to start with but you can feel that the song is building, and 2 minutes in the song explodes into riff heaven.
Then the pace changes again, a lot more agressive with some very heavy drum work.

The oddly titled 'Schaukelstuhl' is sung in german and sounds like a Rammstein ballad!
The song does not fit on the album, but it does stand out and is very well put together, even the keyboard sound is authentic.

'Search For Apeiron' offers up some old school thrash riffs, with some unusual timings from the drums, some serious multi on tracking on the vocals, and a strange solo thrown in that sounds almost out of tune, that all helps however to create the albums second stand out track.

The doom laden 'Fire & Spell' brings back that early 80's sound of Mercyful Fate, a brilliant track, superb guitarwork and that vocal is outstanding.Plenty of timing changes thrown in to keep the song fresh and exciting for a great 7 minutes!

'Timeless Warfare' manages to switch seamlessly between two styles, the first is a traditional thrash chord structure and then old style speed metal, throw in another great vocal performance, a riff heavy solo some pounding bass playing and you have another outstanding song!

You know the first 5 tracks were really good, but it is the last 4 that really stand out for me and have to say again that the vocals are just amazing!

Rating 10/10
For fans Of: Mercyful Fate, Accept, Judas Priest, Opera Diabolicus


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