Wednesday 16 July 2014

Doomed - Our Ruin Silhouettes (CD Review)

01.When Hope Disappears
02.In My Own Abyss
03.A Reccurent Dream
04.The Last Meal
05.My Hand In Yours
07.What Remains

Pierre Laube (All Instruments/Vocals/Programming)
Pim Blankenstein (Vocals 'When Hope Disappears')
Andreas Kaufmann (Vocals 'The Last Meal')

East German doom project started by Laube in 2011, creating a traditional sound based on powerful harsh rhythm guitars, low accented bass and intensive solo guitars.

Starting with bells and various choral voices 'When Hope Disappears' grabs the attention straight away, soon moves into slow pounding doom with gutteral vocals.
The guitar is very melodic playing harmonies as opposed to de-tuned powerchords.
Towards the end the pace picks up, very 70's in style, then ends on more harmony.

Slow funeral doom for six solid minutes and 'In My Own Abyss' creates the perfect soundtrack for misery.

While 'A Reccurent Dream' returns to the style of track 1, the next one, 'The Last Meal', is more Black Metal with hyper drumming mixing it up with slower passages

Some really nice spoken word parts to 'My Hand In Yours', bringing yet another element to Laube's clever take on the doom genre, even some late 60's sounding guitar playing in this one.

'Revolt'could almost be a mainstream heavy metal song, quite a "nice" commercial take on Doom riffs, very catchy guitarwork, and a hypnotic drum beat.

Some prog elements to 'What Remains' at the start and then keeps the pace throughout, this one, again, has a lot more to offer than just Doom, very well put together, some striking bass work towards the end and that deep demonic vocal style all go to create something special.

Rating 9/10
For fans of: Witchsorrow, Electric Wizard, Boris, Type O Negative, Triptykon

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