Necropoli - i (CD Review)

01.Ashes Of My Soul
02.Inner Space
03.A Step
04.Silence Awaits Me
05.Curriculum Vitae

Rodolfo Baroni (Guitar)
Dario Fabiani (Guitar/Bass/Synth/Vocals/Programming)
David Unsaved (Vocals)

Italian band born from the ashes of the funeral doom band Damnatio Memoriae in 2011, when founder guitarist Rodolfo Baroni met Fabiani Dario, with whom he immediately started composing for a new release, due to a good working harmony.

The duet try to go beyond the classical path of doom metal, defiling it with Drone, Death, Black and Downtempo influences, and aiming to express their music with no trivial.
They work together on the guitar lines, while Dario writes the bass and the drums lines, and part of the synth arrangement,they are also joined by Ennui vocalist David Unsaved.

Fairly straight forward opening song, 'Ashes Of My Soul' treads the funeral doom path with confidence.

Black Metal blasts beats make 'Inner Space' a bit more diverse, as does some of the chugging guitar riffs.

Very atmospheric start to 'A Step' and then those doom powerchords crash in only disturbed by some frantic double pedal work, a really haunting little keyboard riff runs throughout, slightly unnearving at times.

Up next is 17 minutes of 'Silence Awaits Me', melodic and heavy to start with, this epic is broken up by solem guitar solos over synth backgrounds and some intresting timing changes.

Finally 'Curriculum Vitae' a short 4 minutes to end with, weird vocal effects over simple synth patterns to make for a very disturbing ending.

Rating 10/10
For Fans Of: Celtic Frost, Pantheist, AHAB, Boris, Cephalic Carnage


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