Emil Bulls - Sacrifice To Venus (CD Review)

01.The Grave
03.Pants Down
04.I Wanna Feel You
05.Rainbows And Butterflies
06.The Way Of The Warrior
07.The Reckoning
08.The Age of Revolution
09.Sacrifice To Venus
10.Gone Baby Gone
11.Man Or Mouse
12.Keep On Dreaming
13.Behind The Sun

Christoph v. Freydorf (Vocals)
James Richardson (Bass)
Andy Bock (Guitar)
Stephan Karl (Guitar)
Manuel Lotter (Drums)

They are the exact opposite of ‘typical German’ and at the same time one of the flagships of the German music scene.
Like no other band EMIL BULLS stands for a subtle underground spirit. For the past 19 years, the band has been delivering fresh and captivating tones without repeating itself.

3 years since their last release they return with a new record deal and new sound of "Alt Metal".
Hmm "Alternative" metal, that usuallly means crappy shouty music from what i have heard, dare i click play?

So play is engaged and 'The Grave' starts and yep its shouty crap with melodic pop chorus.Maybe the next track is good?

Well sounds better so far, 'Hearteater' has good drum playing, limited shouting and a strong melody running throughout

Oh no not again, shouting rubbish again, desperatly trying to be "Metal" sounds like a bunch of retarted post emo kids on an Andrew W.K bender!

No no no, there is a reason this stuff is called Alternative metal, just left out "To", sorry this is crap for kids who are looking for a new reason to pretend to metal, this is scene kid music.

Rating 4/10
For fans of: Black Veil Brides, Fightstar, Five Finger Death Punch, Kerrang! Magazine