Rectified Spirit - Rectified Spirit (CD Review)

01.To Hold A Sabre
03.Paradigm Lost
04.The Magicians Birthday
05.Rectified Spirit
06.There Is No Tomorrow
07.Where The Ashes Fell
09.Until We Expire

Rainjong Lepcha (Vocals)
Samudragupta Dutta (Guitar)
Dishankan Baruah (Guitar)
Himangshu Borah (Bass)
Nishant Hagjer (Drums)

Rectified Spirit from India is doing something quite daring - it's merging various styles and calling it "Libero Metal" which defies classification. It has elements of Thrash, Power, Death, even modern metal and the music effortlessly oscillates from something powerful to something that's clean and soul-touching.

Formed in August 2005, the band started performing in various gigs of the active metal circuit of their hometown. However, after a few years of being active in the circuit, some of the band members left the band due to various individual engagements, from 2009 onwards. Thereafter, founder member and guitarist Samudragupta Dutta and long term bassist Himangshu Bora reformed the band again in the year 2011 with guitarist and long term friend of both, Imtiyaz Alam. With newly associated vocalist Rainjong Lepcha and drummer Nishant Hagjer the band started performing again in the active metal circuit of their hometown. But due to sudden departure of their friend Imtiyaz Alam, on account of his pressing individual engagements, the band has newly recruited guitarist Gitartha Goswami.

What a strange album, quite stunning really, a mix of Maiden and Megadeth superficially then so many other elements layered in.
Take the opening track 'To Hold A sabre', starts with this spoken introduction over a simple guitar piece then goes into Megadeth style riffs and drums, then the vocals come in, very melodic (Ie the guy actually sings!), but then the the vocals get all mixed up with high pitched to cookie monster styles, by which time the drum pace had doubled and the guitars have slowed slightly.Towards the end throw into the mix euro power metal rifferey and finally metalcore vocals!

So that track sets the standard for the entire album, i'm not going to go through each track, take what i said about the first one then multiply by 10, look fuck reading this just go and get the bloody album!

Rating 10/10
For Fans Of: Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Queensryche, Symphony X, Judas Priest


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